Thinking Reading?


Effective reading intervention for secondary school pupils.

Meols Cop High School have been using the Thinking Reading program to raise the reading ages of students across the school. Typical results for the majority of students have seen their reading ages increase by one year for every three hours of Thinking Reading.

The founder of the program, Dianne Murphy will present the key principles that underpin the program and how to develop it in your school. Lisa Cliffe, Research Lead at Meols Cop High School will highlight how the program has been successful in its first year and the long term strategies for developing literacy across the school.

Course Leader:

If you have any questions directly linked to the course, please contact Leon Walker

Location:                 Meols Cop High School

Date:                         Monday 26th September 2016

Time:                        16.00pm – 17.00pm

Cost:                         there is no charge for this event

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