Eilidh Mitchell – School Direct trainee 2018-19

“The Schools Direct Route with The NSCTSA has definitely been the best route into teaching for me. The additional support that you receive from Cal and Julie is second to none and being in a department that is used to supporting trainees – and know Edge Hill’s expectations – meant that I felt supported every step of the way. Knowing where I was going to be placed well in advance of placement starting was also extremely reassuring for me as I was able to familiarise myself with school policy and schemes of work well in advance of the start date. It also meant that I was able to shape my university assignments around subjects that I knew would be beneficial to me in my second placement. The Tuesday morning CDP sessions also meant that I got the opportunity to visit all of the schools before my second placement, giving me a feel for them and allowing me to see different settings.

I was lucky enough to secure a job at a local school during my first placement and know that the additional support and community links that I have gained as part of The NSCTSA played a significant role in this.

I think the most beneficial part of The NSCTSA has been the supportive network of trainees across different subjects. They have undoubtedly become part of my support network both in and out of placement.

Benefits of schools direct:

  • You know where you are going from the outset and there are never delays to being placed
  • Support to source enrichment placements
  • Guaranteed regular PM sessions
  • Be in a school that is used to supporting trainees and knows the expectations of Edge Hill
  • Additional CPD
  • Large group of trainees that become your support network
  • Support to gain jobs”
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