School Experience Programme

For a strong School Direct application, experience in school is essential. By spending time in schools you can really assess if teaching is the right career choice for you. If you need help arranging school experience, please contact us so that we can support you. If you are looking to teach Sciences, Maths or Computer Studies you can sign up to our School Experience Programme run through the Department for Education.

If you are interested in gaining school experience but not in the subjects listed on the DfE site then please contact us.

I would recommend undertaking the School Direct programme with the North Sefton Coastal Teaching School Alliance as you have more control over where your placements are compared with the traditional PGCE. All the schools are in Southport and Formby and the majority are graded ‘outstanding’. As someone who lives locally in Southport I found this a real benefit compared with PGCE colleagues who had to travel far distances to their placement schools. It also means that you get to know the schools in the area really well and become aware of any job opportunities very quickly. The Tuesday morning training sessions are held at schools in the local area and give you a practical and real-world insight into the different issues you might face as a teacher compared with the theoretical sessions at university. I now feel very well prepared for my NQT year in September.

Alex, Schools Direct Trainee – Summer 2017