Independent learners in the classroom AND at home?

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 Independent learners in the classroom

AND at home?


We aim to establish a collaborative and supportive approach using  Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and create  a working party prepared to trial a variety of strategies to improve  independent learning in and out of the classroom.

At the meeting we will be discussing the following areas:

  • Current practice in our own schools and identification of key areas to focus on.
  • Creating concise manageable action plans that can be implemented without increasing teacher workload.
  • Collection of meaningful evidence

Please bring with you:

  • Examples of how independent learning from your department/school.
  • Examples of things that work well or don’t work well
  • A problem on this topic you would like to discuss/find a solution to.
  • Your ideas!

Course Leader

If you have any questions directly linked to the course, please contact Carmel Manwaring :-

Location:                 Meols Cop High School

Date:                         Wednesday 21st September 2016

Time:                        13.30pm – 15.30pm

Cost:                         there is no charge for this event

Book here:             Independent-learners