4th June 2019 at Meols Cop High School

We are a vibrant and diverse alliance of schools in North Sefton. When you choose to train with us you will have access to some outstanding schools, schools with Sixth forms and schools without, Faith and non–Faith schools, co-educational and single sex schools. The Coastal Alliance will ensure you the widest breadth of experience possible.


Daytime Session: 4th June 2019 12.30-14.30pm

Short presentation followed by Q&A and one-to-one sessions.

Twilight Session: 4th June 2019 18.30-20.00pm

Short presentation followed by Q&A and one-to-one sessions.

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Pastoral Leads’ Meeting

 Monday April 25th 9.30-2.30

 Meols Cop High School

 North Sefton Coastal TSA welcome all pastoral leads from Sefton secondary schools to share best practice/discuss key current issues.

Have you, like us, found the SEND administrative changes, the appeals system, fair access, Prevent, children’s mental health, British Values, cuts to external agencies and support and so on, very difficult to assimilate and successfully manage? [Did we mention workload and wellbeing too?] Professional development seems to be aimed towards learning and teaching and succession planning doesn’t always encourage the pastoral route as much as subject specific roles.

Please do come along and bring examples of your best practice in these key areas and together we can support each other to continue to provide the very best support and care for our students.

Other issues of interest might be teaching assistants, the use of mentors, key learning tutor skills and the development of professional development courses to develop the skills and knowledge that will encourage colleagues to apply for middle leader pastoral posts.

These ideas came out of an SLT meeting between 3 Southport high schools and it seemed sensible to open up our discussions with all schools. Please let us know if you would like to attend. There is no cost and lunch will be provided.

Please email Annette Peet at peet-a@meolscop.co.uk to let us know if you would like to attend and which examples of practice you can share/would like colleagues to discuss on the day

If you would like to download the information click here: Pastoral Leads’ Meeting

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